Hello, nice to have you here!

I’m Ninni Udén and I live in the northen part of the globe, in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is my personal Blog – a lifestyle Blog where I mix reflections from my everyday life related to work, family & friends and travels. Most post are written in Swedish but I do mix and more and more will be in english. You´ll find english post collected in the category “posts in english”

For many years I´ve been in the broadcast industry working as a host and journalist in radio, TV and at the webb. The past years my work came to evolve more and more around social media and digitalization. So, since a couple of years back I work with digital communication in the IT industry. You can check out my LinkedIn to learn more about my professional life here.

I have an entrepreneurs thrive with a journalistic mindset and I´m spiritual with human rights as my foundation. Higher studies in Market communications, Human Rights and Democracy and a diploma as a coach. So, a lot of the things you´ll find here is related to the above. And it often boils down to  communication.

I have a passion for traveling and have been living abroad in longer and shorter periods of time, in South Africa, USA, Vietnam and Singapore.
If I would recommend you my top-5 places to visit it would be the national park of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica, the ruins of Angkor What in Cambodia, the forest with orangutans in Borneo, the Swedish Island Gotland in the Baltic Sea and the place of the human soul. Maybe you´ve already been there? Why not write and chat with me?
I’m driven by a passion to learn and my intention is to be a part of the worlds ongoing change in the most constructive and best way I can.

Other places to find me at the internet:  This is my Twitter. I do a podcast about leadership. Here is were I work. Here is my LinkedIn. This is a documentation of a project about democracy and technology in Kenya.

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