Life as a movie – city life Stockholm

Sometimes my life feels lika a movie. And exactly that was one of the topics when me and my dear friend Malin Crona meet on Saturday in Gamla Stan (Old town) Stockholm.

I have an awesome network of people that I hang with in my everyday life. Most of us very digital and interested in new technology, communication, sociaty and journalism.

I would estimate the crowed to around 1500 people in the age from 25 – 55. The places we meet are at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, IRL in Almedalen, Uber AW, Webbdagarna, Internetdagarna, Publicistklubben, Makthavaröl, Blogg100 and the list can go on…

But also some I have gotten closer to over time and we meet one by one for a glas of cava, as on Saturday.

The people I know and hang with, talk to, exchange ideas with and grow with are a part of the bliss in my life. That was also a topic on Saturday, all that is wonderful, all that is magic and to be grateful for.

Don´t miss my friend Malin Cronas blogg here She´s a journalist and also writes at Sveriges Radios Medieormen here.

Det här är post #36 i utmaningen #Blogg100 som i år har temat yttrandefrihet. Jag bloggar i hundra dagar med en twist. Det betyder att mina uppdateringar kan ske här på Bloggen, TwitterInstagram eller Facebook

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