Out running in the woods with my colleagues

For those who are following me on instagram storys, you know my aim is to change lifestyle quite a bit. I have always been excercising but this year I am leveling up. And the reason is my age. Im 47 years old and my body needs good food, regular exercise and sleep in order to feel the way I want it to feel. In order to bring me through life the way I want to live my life. My device is; It aint over til its over.

Yes, this means I have to make som small changes in during the day, but they are actually not that big. What I´ve been doing this year is that I have started exercising between 4-5 days a week. At the gym and out running. Often I do it through lunch brake at work together with my colleagues. Today we ran  outside in the woods, 7,5 km in Ursvik.

I get so much help from these two, Mattias and Louise. They have both been exercising a lot, triathlon, running long distance, out door activities etc etc. They are realy inspiring and pushes me to go beyond my limitations. Suddenly Im building my body from within. Its like I can feel how my body is getting stronger every week, my heart is pumping better and my breath is deeper. But also my mind is clearer and my focus higher. Im happier.

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Lunchtime Ready to go! #Ursvik #Run #thexllncway

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