A peek-a-boo at snapchat

I have had a wonderful weekend ful with activities. And the past week was ful of things to do at work. When I took upon the challenge to blog 100 days in a row, I new it would be a lot of late nights. When writing this it´s 11 pm sunday evening.

Working with digital communication I´m constantly analyzing trends. I read a lot, all the time it feels like. In the mornings, at work, through lunchtime, in the evenings and during the weekends. Being online following what is happening, sharing and taking part of the conversation is a big part of my days and life. I believe I have to try out as many platforms as I can comprehend in order to also understand them. But what is to comprehend?

Well, Snapchat I only check out once in a while and when I´m there I trie out the new filters, some updates and I look through there news feed. There is no time for me to be more active there than that. I have registered accounts at many different social media platforms but are most active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and on and of here at my blog. I do have Pinterest, Youtube, Medium, Tumblr, Flickr and Quora. But it´s impossible to be of relevans on every platform. At the same time it´s important to be active in some sense in order to understand the platform and keep up with all the changes and new features. And I do enjoy it, a lot.

My relationship to social media from start has always been about trying out, and it will continue to be so, also I like to mix more serious conversations and updates with curiosity and playfulness.

So, today while at Snapchat I got the opportunitie to spread out som hearts through my horns.

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Testar #Snapchat filter 💕

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Det här är post #22 i utmaningen #Blogg100 som i år har temat yttrandefrihet. Jag bloggar i hundra dagar med en twist. Det betyder att mina uppdateringar kan ske här på Bloggen, TwitterInstagram eller Facebook

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