Driven by passion

A pic from yesterday at the office at Xllnc,  were I work with communication in general and digital communication in specific.

I’m very happy with were I am proffesionally right now. My vision was quite clear when the journey began about five years ago. I wanted to be in the casp of communication and digital development.

The IT industry attracted in the sense that I could se huge possibilitys for my growth mindset to expand in new knowledge and understanding. I know I have a lot to contribute from a long career in the media, experienced in social media,  but allso as much to receve and learn from the business and IT industry.

Another part in my vision for my future at that time, maby the most important, was about the people. I focused in my mind and with the whole of my essens to arrive at a place were I would find co-workers with an innovative mindset, good hearted and fun to hang around, develop and work with. I would say I have found just that place and those kind of co-workers. And they are also very high performing people. A huge trigger for me.

Every day I go to work I feel sort of blessed, in the sense that I have the capability to dream and believe in the dreams I have, and that I take them seriously. And then, the satisfaction and joy in seeing them come true. To live the dream. I think this is growth mindset coming alive.

No doubt to me that believing and following ones passion is very, very powerful. And the journey goes on and on.

Det här är post #20 i utmaningen #Blogg100 som i år har temat yttrandefrihet. Jag bloggar i hundra dagar med en twist. Det betyder att mina uppdateringar kan ske här på Bloggen, TwitterInstagram eller Facebook

3 thoughts on “Driven by passion

  1. Thank you for writing in English. I don’t need it every time but the effort is appreciated and perhaps helps a little with what you are saying. Communicator Extraordinaire.


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