Amy sings and time dissolves

I have just eaten my breakfast, fried eggs with tomato, broccoli, mushrooms and cheese and I am just about to finnish my first cup of coffee this morning. Soon I will be out running, doing my morning exercise.

But still, I´m waking up, contemplating life.

It´s summer, a lot of people´re on vacation, but I´m in for work this week. Maybe I´ll go to the office for a couple of hours and then work from home in the afternoon. I could take a bus to the archipelago and sit there somewhere and work, that is possible.

But I am not awake quite yet, still in my pyjamas going through my digital “flow’s” or digital platforms.

My attention is drawn to a post on Facebook, I click and I listen.

Suddenly she´s here, in my kitchen. Her voice and rhythm fills my space and moment and time´s crossing over.

Such a gift to life she was, Amy Winehouse.

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