The sun is shining now John

I´m at the office and are just about to go home. It´s been a produktive day were me and my colleges have been enthusiastic about a new multi presentational digital platform we´ve just found. A lot of people and companies are called to develop them but a few really manage to get that Wow-feeling when introducing them to the potential users. This tool/platform is still in beta but really exiting and I can not wait to go through it and learn what it can do.

In between I have been hanging at twitter tweeting with a guy named John Best. I have never meet him IRL but kind of know him a little by now, through social media. I think we´ve followed each other for a year or so.

I´m still fascinated about the fact that when I take a brake from work and are sitting by my desk looking through my twitter, I can have a chat with someone outside my country, speaking a different language, from a different culture, working at a different company and that it gives me a little bit of extra energy.

It was a quick but fun chat about our citys, music, pollen and the weather in general. Today´s been rainy.

I know he´s looked into my blog but unfortinalty most of my posts are in swedish and he´s an englishman (in England).

So this one´s for you John Best. Thanks for a good chat today. Have a nice evening!

Now the sun is shining in Stockholm Sweden!

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