I just found an inspiring woman!

Ninni webbdagarnaToday I was watching the Swedish 2-day event Webbdagarna from my office down town Stockholm, over the internet. A lot of cool stuff was said about Big Data, innovation, listening to the costumer/people, innovate as you go and how the event was put together with 50/50 man and woman on stadge. The hostess was wearing and started with talking about the mega-internet-hit some weeks ago: The Dress – I just love that twist. You can look at it and see the first part of todays event here.

But the person that stroke me the most is Cindy Gallop. Such an inspiring human being. Brave I would say. She´s apparently started something called MakeLoveNotPorn. I have´t totally checked it out yet but I understand that it´s a new way to look at and speak official/public about sex. And even do sex publicly.

I´ve thought quite some about the fact that what we mostly can see and read publicly about sex today is porn-related. Porn is basically what´s communicated on a grander scale about this activity, that most people love to do and are biologically driven to do as well.

I have hoped for someone to come along and put the spotlight on the loving part of this active tie. Such as the human connection, softness and the true life power within, from both men and woman’s perspectives. Like a dance, that can be in so many ways. Where there is rhythm instead of force, instead of oppress the pure beauty of honering the soul, emotions and body. I´m not saying it has to be all fluffy. But the picture porn paints about reality is´t the true reality.

I have just visited her webb page makelovenotporn.come and it gives positive vibes. It is daring and challenging and at the same time I sense something true.

Initiatives like this, and others similar, has to come about in order for people, man and woman and society to develop in a positiv and constructive direction. Why?

I believe you might find the core of human interaction in our most intimate moments.

In order to brake the ongoing public idea about sex one has to not do as been done before. Cindy Gallop is definitely not thinking and doing inside the box.

I guess here box dissolved long ago.

I just started follow her on twitter were she states in her header “You will never own the future if you care what other people think.” You find her on twitter here.

But it was not only her, to a lot of people, provocative initiative that stroke me.

It was her way to go about on stage. How she rhetorically spoke about the future, about that anything is possible, about the need to brake conventions in order to be successful, to think different, to employ different and to go beyond and dare ourselves.

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