Authenticity – the inside and outside reality

The transition has been going on for some time now.

The digital transformation from old ways of doing things to new ways of doing things with the help of technology. This change effects or/and demands that we re-think the way we solve problems, work together, do business, collect information, sociate and communicate. In my life it has even had an effect in how I organize my private life.

I can see things leaning more and more towards co-creation and network collaboration in every aspect of my life.

A buzzword in the area I work in is authenticity. I do believe it means something and I will trie to explain how I relate to the meaning of it.

For me, to understand and be a part of this on going digitalization which is a sort of transition and in the midst of it learn about authenticity my education to become a coach has helped a lot.

The education forced me too look inside of myself to understand the structures of the way I was thinking which was (is) connected to the way I feel, and also to understand were these ideas comes from.
The good ones I kept, the ones that held me back I transformed through various coaching-sessions.

Going through this education, re-think and as a result of that also re-feel inside, has had an effect in how I look at and experience myself, relate to others, how experience others and go about in life.

It made me go from idea to idea + emotion.

It has made me use my senses in a new way. I´m more aware when I´m caught up in my thoughts intellectually.  I´ve learned to take some time every day to just breath the air, pet my cats, stroke my kids, look them in the eyes and tell them I love them. To center myself. Off course I´m not all that good at it all the time. I´m often totally disconected with my mind wandering somewhere else, thats for shore. But that does not mean I’m not practicing this other way of perceiving life.
I do it because it brings love into my life. I have made it a part of my daily routine because it adds something nice to life. I do It as often as a remember. It is selfish, because the reason for doing it is to bring in more of the good vibes in my life, to feel the softness inside of me. But I do believe that it gives something back to my family and friends. Better vibes and better presens, a softer authenticity.

My personal experience is that the ideas of who we are is a part of how we feel about our selves and that place us in certain situations were people mirror our pre-perceptions. Oh, yes, off course the ideas that other people have, culture and expectations from outside also has an effect on our lives.

I think one has to become a munk in the mountains of Himmalaya in order to not be effected at all.

But my belief is we have a choice in our responding to the world around oss.

Even though what other people think of us and how society labels us and the reality, we always have a choice, or here is always a possibility to look at it from an other perspective, our own truth,  with our own eyes connected to our inside.

For me everyday life and what I encounter is more and more related to a present emotion, a sense of intuition. And to connect to that I believe I have to be authentic. Meaning here and now. This differs from before in the way that I used to use my logical tinkling in my perceptions of the world and decision making, although I probalbly believed myself to be authentic before aswell.
Well my authentic now is different from then.

Now I stop for a second, dig a little bit deeper inside to understand and to listen from another part of me.
As often as I can and remember to do so, use my intuition and ask myself how does it feel when I´m in this or that situation or with this or that person. Does it bring out good vibes inside and adds on energy or does it bring out tension and a fear?

I do belive I am a beholder of both.

I know what ever path I choose to go I want the path to feel nice. I want to listen to the good vibes inside of myself, others and in situations around me.

So Autenticity, I realize when writing this post, is not really about good or bad. It can be both. It´s neither something that is right or wrong.

I think it is more about a sense of being. And I think we do have a choice, or possibility to chose to focus our beingnes, here and now, through awareness, and that it will have an effect on how our authentic participation or co-creation might be a better word,  will come about in whatever is to be.

Puh, this was difficult to write. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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