The Swedish blog initiative Blogg100

I can not help but see this year, my third time around in #Blog100 as my lucky one. I know I will write my way through it all for 100 days til the end. 

This is my second post in the challenge #Blogg100 2015.

Why am I in again? I’ve tried two times before just getting nearly half the way. 

There are many reasons, but perhaps I reflect most around the fact that the initiative arises in Sweden, which I think is fahr from a coincidence. 

I have lived at several places around the earth, and I find it hard to see how a project like this would have been possible for example in Singapore where I lived and where there are no democracy but dictatorship. It’s a country were I experienced cultural expressions to be very controlled and held back within the culture. Or in China, where my family’s been living for the past ten years and were I go visiting . It’s not an example of a free blog culture. When I was in Shanghai last fall, it was at the time when Instagram was down due to the demonstrations in Hong Kong. 

It’s not that Chinese people do’nt dare to speak their minds, I was told by people who lived there for many years. Apparently a lot of chineas people talk politics. However, the state realizes the power of people coming togethe, which is a consequens when singel people uploading photos from for example protests such as those in Hong Kong. When every singel picture ads up with another and another and another… it paints a wider picture. 

Understanding the power of social media. 

Neither I can imagine Russia to be a country were #Blogg100 could arise. Or South Africa – it’s too big. 

Sweden has the right size (not to big) and in this country we have a foundation and a long tradition of freedom of speech based in both our laws and culture. Also a wide range of the population is using this cutting edge technology.

This is the fourth year of #Blogg100 and it is still a really cool project. Learn more about Fredrik Wass initiative here

I have been taking on the challange of #Blogg100 twice before I have through participation got to know lots of interesting people both in my proffession and in my private life. I’ve learned about the Swedish blog culture and about WordPress.

The first year I had “love” as a theme for my posts but found it callanging as I was working as a journalist at the time. And right at that time a public conversation about hatered against women in media in Sweden arrised. It kind of blurred my mind a bit.

The second year my intention for participation was to build up a new blog, which is the one you are reading right now. 

After the drop of the first year I reported about the initiative as a journalist in of Radio Västmanland. You can listen and read here. (It´s in swedish but you can always use google translate ;))

This year I’m working on a communications and technology company, Itera, so there will be no report on the radio. But some of the upcoming posts will certainly be about what I do and what happens at work, and more. Glad you took the time to read.

This year is one of the objectives to get more followers on the blog so feel free to follow.

This is the blog post #2 in #Blogg100

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